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All shipments are fully insured.

We ship worldwide  , via multiple carriers and based on our experience we will suggest to you our preferred method for your specific location.


For items with a value in excess of $2000 there will be an additional fee for using UPS Capital / Parcel Pro, which fully insures up to $200,000 in the United States , and $100,000 on international shipments , based on region.

Typically shipments are made on Tuesdays.  Based on our experience this is optimal because packages have less probability of  being delayed or misplaced. We always ship the fastest possible method to your location , to ensure less handling time.



Watches are packed similarly to delicate microchips in a membrane suspension box, overly wrapped with bubble wrap, placed inside a hard exterior shell box and all seams sealed with tape and excessively marked fragile. All accessories regardless of the nature of how fragile are packed with the exact same care and process as a vintage watch. Once package is shipped you will be provided with a picture of the box and label, as well as a direct link to the carriers website to receive updates on tracking. We are extremely hands on and will be in touch throughout the process with updates and follow ups.


Also, we are available for local pickup in the Tri-State area and in parts of Pennsylvania , Delaware.

What to expect post sale:

All watches are inspected by our two master watchmakers (+50 Year  Experience Each)  , who only work for us and 5 other watch dealers in New York City Area. Furthermore, we have a third-party watchmaker verify the watch for a final time with no additional cost to customer.

Due to our rigorous process we ensure the watches are delivered as stated condition .

Further the watches are tested directly by HT for a full week , through day to day use , post service. 

All timepieces receive a final checkup by HT directly for accuracy using our Bergeon Timegrapher , in multiple positions.



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