Our Mission

 My Partner and I established Hudson Time out of a friendship built on facebook (yes millennial to max), to fill a void we saw as collectors in the watch market. We have been avid collectors of watches since our teens and were introduced to the passion from our grandfathers. 


Over the years, we have owned thousands of watches both modern and vintage. We have had the ability to interact with tens of thousands of collectors and get to know the systemic gaps in the market . Lack of transparency and price gouging are the issues we have always encountered.  Our reputation in the industry is pristine. 


Vintage watches provide sense of nostalgia and physical connection to the past. As a vintage watch enthusiast, you develop an appreciation for the preservation, purity, class, and simplicity of a bygone era.

Most modern wrist watch styles and designs are homages to the past. Why not own the original and be the only person you know with something? We are proud to be working with recognized top collectors, auction houses, and enthusiasts throughout the global marketplace.

Hudson Time consistently goes above and beyond to provide full transparency and develop in-depth customer relationships prior to engaging in a transaction.

We are one of the ONLY recognized vintage watch dealers who have never once sold any item that was not 100% original and untouched.

The vintage watch world is congested with crooks, con artists, and dishonest people. These shady practices have turned off countless collectors to vintage timepieces. We have worked selectively over the past few years to organically develop our brand and image within a niche market. Our inventory is typically pre sold, but by developing our network further, we hope to meet new and interesting professionals, that we can help along in their watch collecting.

We are able to apply our education, professional experience, and innate ability to forecast, recognize, and adapt to trends to bring forward the most honest product possible. Never once have we completed a transaction and not done repeat business with that customer.

Hudson Time’s products’ speak for themselves because of the most painstakingly selective process in the industry.



 Dennis & Nick 

Co- Founders of Hudson Time 

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