Go back 10 years from now  , before Hodinkee and vintage being trendy, real collectors knew what a tropical dial was. It wasn't brassed out dials , excessive moisture , scratches removing lacquer. True tropical dials  sold for the same price or less and they were around from many makers. I have owned 7 different Polerouters with tropical defects from manufacture making some go choclate to others consellation. Here is a true tropical dial Gyromatic from 1951. I have only owned another tropical dial Gyromatic and that was also from 1951 in solid gold and the dial had turned the same choclate color. There is absolutely no trace of moisture on the case or movement , it is pristine. This dial when it came out of the factory it was pitch black , but the lacquer coating on top wasn't coated for UV protection and turned the dial on it's own entirely brown while being hermetically sealed. Here is your chance to own a gorgeous , unpolished , oversize Gyromatic in serviced condition with a real tropical manufacturer's defect dial. 36mm across not including the crown , and it is on a gorgeous French aged calfskin that matches the dial patina perfectly , and handstitch is off  white to match the gilt font. Great investment of an unmolested sample.

1951 Girard Perregaux "Tropical" Gyromatic