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  Though Enicar was not the most historic company back in the 50's and 60's they designed and supplied watches that were meant to be used in the field and made a name for their sucess. Whether it was mountaineers , skiers , pilots or divers Enicar designed watches specific for the activity.

   This 1950's mens Enicar is in all original condition with an unpolished case. Unlike 99% of the Enicars out there , this DeLuxe dial has a high quality A Schilds movement that has been adjusted against temparature and positions for further accuracy.

   The dial has a subtle , two tone with a red "DeLuxe" font that matches the same dark red of the two piece millitary RAF nato. Though not a big size watch for today's world , it still wears a decent moderate size and the long curved lugs make up for it. A great addition to anyones collection at a great price.


  • Unpolished case at 33mm diagonally without crown.


  • A. Schild caliber 1507 ,  17 jewels , BPH 18,000 , power reserve 41HR , adjusted , manual wound movement.


  • All Original hands and dial.


  • Original 1950's period correct unsigned crown.


  • On a two piece , nylon strap



Enicar "DeLuxe" Cal 1020