This unpolished , super sharp Longines Ref 6822 with a subtle crosshair , and a hobnail dial is in all original shape , including the original crystal from 1957.  During the Golden Age of Longines unlike most manufacturers that exported their watches to the U.S in that Era , this watch was superior to the European Market ones , which was often the opposite.


The revered caliber 23Z for the U.S market had beveled bridges and Breguet hairspring while the European versions at the time , did not have beveling and had a regular flat hairspring.


At 600 Dollars own one of the finest manual wound time only movements money can buy , that was meant to never go obsolete or break down , own a case that has gorgeous chamfering and intricate brushed sides that puts today's Longines to shame.

Longines Reference 6822 1957

    • Signed Original Crown
    • 33.5mm across without crown , 35mm with crown across
    • Original dial , hands 
    • Movement keeping excellent time