There are a lot of vintage sellers now days repeating the words "one of a kind" when there are a plethora of similiarly designed 32-33mm nickel , chrome plated ebauche movement vintage watches.


In my 20 years of collecting , this is the first time I have come across this piece. It is an oversize , stainless steel case Revel , with a gorgeous silver gilt black dial. 


I picked this up from the original owners home in Italy and it was neatly tucked away in a drawer for 60 years.. The case is entirely unpolished and the caseback still had the visible brushing before putting it on my wrist for a few months (it's still there)

Revel 1950 Large Manual Wounding Men's Watch

    • High Quality Manual Wound movement with rhodium plating , perliage around balance and Gold Engraved signature and temperature adjustments
    • Case is 37mm across without crown , 45mm lug to lug tips.
    • Keeps great time
    • Original Crown