Here is a pristine example Ulysse Nardin Calatrava Chronometer in unpolished condition. Despite many collectors and dealers ignorance , historically real unmolested UN from the 50's and 60's was superior to many manufacturers of the time in case and movement quality. A Ulysse Nardin Valjoux 72 will be superior finished to any Paul Newman Daytona with the same VJ72 movement. Everything UN did in the 50's and 60's screamed excellence , this felsa 690 caliber was carefully chosen to be regulated and adjusted to become a chronometer graded movement by UN because at the time , it had the first bi-directional rotor movement, at this time Rolex had only developed a one way "Single-Direction" rotor and this again is  superior in finishing in everyway. The perliage pattern gets finer and finer as you get more depth to the balance, something we are acustomed to seeing in F.P Journe watches today. Regardless of new dealers ignorance in quality and importance there is a reason why auction houses are slowly holding more and more vintage UN from this period.  At 34.5mm across not including the crown it wears extremely well with a beefy automatic case. It is totally unpolished , and all original. Even the best of UN from top dealers will Acid Wash the dial , but this patina is natural in 1950-1951 Lacquer coating on dial still wasn't improved for extended UV ray effects. Even the crystal is original to the watch. Incredible above auction house level timepiece.

Unpolished 1951 Ulysse Nardin Chronometer Calatrava