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 Without a doubt the most professional dealer I've ever purchased from. Every piece I've acquired is utterly breathtaking and has made it through a painstakingly comprehensive review before offering it for sale in terms of authentication and original quality pieces. HudsonTime is the gold standard for customer service and quality of vintage pieces of all price points.

 Eric R, Syracuse, NY




 4 purchases since 2018. I just keep coming back. The home of discriminating buyers and sellers. If you’re reading this, you have found the best watch place on the internet. Get in line behind me and maybe you too can acquire a real special piece.

 Tim G, Canada 




 Buying a vintage watch is becoming increasingly difficult, with deceiving dealers and overpriced watches being sold on the daily. Finding both an honest, knowledgeable and down to earth dealer is extremely rare, but Hudson Time really is. HT helped me source a vintage Longines Lindbergh and Rolex explorer 2, both in great condition for a very fair price. Thanks Nick and Dennis, you guys are the best in the business!

 Sergio N, Spain



Due to consistently delivering the absolute best in fine collectible timepieces, and their unrivaled collective expertise, Hudson Time has become my go-to source for no-excuses vintage watches.

 Cody P, Texas



I had a great experience talking and dealing with the guys at Hudsontime! They are real knowledgeable and seemed to really care about what I wanted in my collection. 

 Allen B, Pennsylvania




Over the past few years I have bought many watches from Hudson Time, I can’t recommend them enough, they are true professionals in the game. As HT get to know you and your taste in the watches, they will help and guide  you in order to curate the perfect collection. 

 Barry M, North Ireland




The vintage world is a murky one, and unless you take the time to become your own expert, it’s important to find experts, and more so ones you can trust. I am a loyal Hudson Time customer because they can spot a refurbished dial and replacement crown from across the street, because they are honest (brutally if needed), and because they are completely unpretentious. As a consequence they have a loyal following, are not desperately trying to push product to you or expand, and they offer an outstanding price because your money isn’t funding high-end rent and expensive social media management - you just pay for the watch and they find the watch you deserve.

 Ryan S, United Kingdom




HudsonTime have delivers the most incredible vintage timepieces. All original and fair pricing! No one else can say that. 

 Jon L, Massachusetts 




The only thing more impressive than the depth of knowledge possessed by HudsonTime is their commitment to finding original condition timepieces for their clients. That knowledge and commitment, combined with honesty and client satisfaction, makes HudsonTime my go-to source for vintage and modern timepieces. 

 Robert S, North Carolina




Vintage watch buying is fraught with horror stories of refinished, franken, and outright fake pieces selling at inflated prices. I am thankful I came across HudsonTime; the most honest, fair, and knowledgeable watch dealers I have ever dealt with. I even struggle to even use the word “dealer” because the amount of time, care, and scrutiny they spend acquiring watches, I would describe them as passionate collectors with a passion for connecting great watches with the right collector. I will forever be a customer of HudsonTime, they have completely changed the way I collect watches.

 Ryan M, Seattle




Individualized watch curation at its finest. Having 4 pieces from Hudson Time, I can say that Nick (or Carmine) and Dennis show unparalleled knowledge and insight into the vintage horological world. While sometimes brutally honest because a love of the craft, in the end, Hudson Time always has your back!

 Farren K, Florida



I’ve purchased 5 watches from HudsonTime, from a budget Lanco to two very strong horology pieces, every experience and transaction has been flawless, I would buy any watch from them without hesitation. 

 Dalton R, Costa Rica




Hudson time found me the most beautiful Nivada. The bracelet was original and the condition amazing. Hudson time went the extra mile to restore the bracelet into better than new condition. Amazing, Thank you Hudsontime! As a YouTube watch guru I can tell you these guys are among the very best vintage watch sellers anywhere because they are vintage watch nuts and vintage watch lovers.

 Marc G, Illinois 





 For a while now, I had been researching 1950's leather straps for my watch to be period correct. I had been hesitant to make a purchase from other businesses as I wanted something pretty specific and in new condition and my past experiences with online horology-related purchases left me feeling frustrated/disappointed. This was a difficult task to accomplish with other sellers as I was unhappy with their responses to my questions... I felt brushed off as I wasn't making a super expensive purchase.

I am so glad to have found Hudson Time Inc. Due to Dennis' knowledge and years of collecting, he walked me through my purchase and even suggested I give him a call. I honestly felt no pressure to make a purchase, a pretty rare feeling these days. The next day, I received a Fedex package with box stitched buffalo, flat brown elephant, and eel leather straps in 18mm. Simply unmatched speed, quality, and customer service.

It is nice to actually receive what was described to you as opposed to the bait and switch I've experienced many times in the past.

Thank you Hudson Time, you have definitely earned my repeat business! Please let me know if you get any new vintage pieces in stock I would really appreciate it 

 Jonathan Y, New York




These gentleman have been my sole supplier of obscure and rare vintage for months now, every time dealing with them is an absolute pleasure. If you’re in the market for vintage or need to find something specific out there, they will get it done. Can’t sing the praises high enough! Thank you HT!!!

Cody S, Virginia 




I purchased my first vintage piece through Hudson time. It Was a 1974 longines admiral automatic chronometer with an amazing blue dial that was completely original. He told me it had been polished at some point in it's life and that said it all. The most honest and friendly transaction I've had. Still to this day checks in on me to see how my admiral is doing. Stand up guys at Hudsontime. These guys pride themselves on honesty and clarity. 10/10 will do business again.

 Shawn B, New York





I got a very good deal on a Vintage Bulova and Wittnauer. It came to Mexico very fastand they are perfect!

 Javier R, Mexico




I purchased my first vintage time piece from HT-Inc. It was exactly what he said it would be. Shipping was fast and packed great! I would hesitate to do business with him again!!

 Tom H, New Jersey




 Bought my first vintage watch from Hudson Time. Had a great experience dealing with the owner and his communication was excellent. Had the watch serviced before the sale and quick shipping. Can't go wrong when doing business with a seller who knows his stuff about vintage, dealing original unadulterated timepieces. Love my rare vintage Universal Geneve 1951 Chronometre....can't find another anywhere online and was bought this rare historic gem at a great fair price! Thanks again!

 Aakar S, Texas





I was one of the first customers and received the best help and advice one can ask for. Ended up getting a great deal on a 1950's Favre Leuba, will never hesitate to do business with Hudson Time again!

 Mathias A, Norway




Excellent customer service. Purchased a lovely GP from Hudson Time and would buy another watch from then again.

 Hal G, St. Louis

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